Marble and Granite Service

Purchasing granite and marble slabs or tiles often require that many companies put in countless hours doing research, finding a quality source, and arranging for delivery services as well. Savistone Ltd., marble and granite trading is much more than a simple stone supplier. We go well beyond expectations by finding ideal stone sources, negotiating reasonable prices, and arranging for delivery.

Our services allow builders, contractors, and distributors to have a vast range of options for marble and granite stone quality, color, source, price, and delivery method. Savistone Ltd., marble and granite trading makes obtaining your stone easy by managing research and delivery.

The Services that Matter Most

At Savistone Ltd., marble and granite Trading, we provide a bridge between quarries and your business. We research granite slabs, marble slabs, stone tiles, and more from sources all around the world to find the best quality at the best price. 

You set the stakes. Decide which products you want and send your expectations to us. Then our team will get back to you quickly with a wide variety of options available that fit your requirements. You can also put in a customized quote for specialty products, or exceptionally unique orders.

Our services provide businesses with what they need from a stone supplier that they often can't find — reliable quality, with low order minimums, and an unmatched price range.

Our Customers and Products 

Savistone Ltd., marble and granite trading serves builders, contractors, and businesses who need stone orders. We focus on these groups and customers just like you to provide very low minimum orders and still offer remarkable prices. 

Our customers know that we handle everything from start to finish for stone orders. They have had the chance to discover what they can save when they’re not spending hundreds of working hours trying to locate the right stone for their job.

We don't pull our product from just a few quarries throughout a specific region. Our team is always looking out for quality marble and granite throughout North America and further. We work with quarries from all across the globe. Therefore, we have access to a greater variety of granite and marble products for our customers.