About Us: 

Savistone Ltd., the center for marble and granite trading has worked in stone supplying for over a decade. We help businesses eliminate the time spent researching and evaluating quality levels so you can focus on your project instead. It’s the hassle-free way to place orders, while also handling shipping, customs, and communication. We realized that to offer an exceptional and unheard-of experience as stone suppliers, we would need to carefully consider what we could give our customers that no one else could. Marble and granite and Trading provide unmatched quality and service while always working towards expanding our reach to obtain the best products available.
Our team understands that as a supplier of marble slabs, granite slabs, stone flooring materials, and more, we must provide remarkably competitive prices. Our staff have extensive experience working with stone, negotiating with manufacturers, and planning out shipping through customs and any other obstacle that could delay your order arriving at your warehouse. 
Quality is our top priority in every situation. We know that not every job demands the highest quality of the stone, but that having the right quality for the right job is critical. As part of our research for each order, we consider the ultimate purpose of the stone, whether that be countertops, stair tread, or curbs. 
Growth is an ongoing goal at Savistone Ltd., experts in marble and granite trading. Our hardworking team is always working on creating new relationships with quarries, so our product selection is continually expanding. In addition to expanding our range of stone, we aim to grow our abilities to deliver to businesses so that ordering with us is easier than ever. 
Service, without any doubt, will always remain highly valued at Savistone Ltd., marble and granite trading. It’s a team effort to handle every quote, order, and schedule for delivery or other accommodation with care, but we make sure to deliver top-notch service at every step of our process! 
With an unrivaled commitment to finding the right stone for each order, our approach is unique. Our dedicated team of stone professionals and service staff assists customers throughout every step of their order. We work with a personal touch and enthusiasm for giving our best to each order. To get started, get in touch with us, and we'll begin handling your request for a quote immediately. We handle everything from finding the right stone at the right price to getting it to your warehouse door.
Let us know which stone you need, what preferences you have in mind, how much stone for the order, and all other details. Send us your request by to Hello@savistone.com or send us a quote online to learn how you can improve your stone ordering process.